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2-7 day Juice shots designed to jump-start your health journey

Ready-to-eat, no-prep drink bundles, crafted to assist you in achieving your health goals

Discover a variety of wholesome juices, smoothies, meals, and snacks for one-time or weekly delivery, all available at our shop.


Unlock a healthier lifestyle with our selection of cold-pressed juices. From refreshing blends to protein-packed options, our juices are crafted to rejuvenate and energize

● Explore our range to kick-start weight loss.

● Detoxify your body with our nourishing concoctions.

● Rebalance your energy levels with every sip.

● Reset and cultivate healthy habits with our variety of flavors.


Explore our tempting array of flavors with our convenient kits! Whether you're after something to ease inflammation, boost your immune system, or just want to try out different juices for your everyday enjoyment, we've got a juice kit that's just right for you.

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Explore the full Mas Vida XO collection and craft your personalized selection. Enjoy weekly deliveries right to your doorstep.

● Diversify your plant-based choices with our extensive range.

● Experience the pure goodness of 100% natural ingredients.

● Enjoy the convenience of next-day home delivery.

● Subscribe and save for continuous vitality.

Locally Sourced

Locally Sourced

All our ingredients are sourced from local farms on the West Coast.

Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours

Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours

Each ingredient makes it from the farm into the bottle in 48 hours.

100% <br> Juice


Our cold pressed juice is 100% pure fruit and vegetables. No water, concentrates.

Used by Pros

Chosen by professionals for its quality and effectiveness, Mas Vida XO sets the standard in the industry.

What people say.

Love it so much

I love mas vida XO juices because it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar and is loaded with greens.


Highly Recommended

Take this daily...to keep my immune system ready.


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