Empowering Lives through the Essence of Natural Nutrition


A trailblazing nutritionist united by passion for cold-pressed juices and a holistic lifestyle.

Amidst a global upheaval and the relentless pace of modern life, finding accessible and nutritious options was a challenge for many. Recognizing this gap, Mas Vida Xo Team dedicated themselves to offering a solution that catered to the fast-paced lives of individuals striving for health and balance.

Now, their mission thrives, aiming to enhance your well-being and appearance, ensuring you can savor a vibrant life without compromising on healthful nourishment.

Our values.

Locally Sourced

Locally Sourced

All our ingredients are sourced from local farms on the West Coast.

Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours

Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours

Each ingredient makes it from the farm into the bottle in 48 hours.

100%  Juice

100% Juice

Our cold pressed juice is 100% pure fruit and vegetables. No water, concentrates.

Used by Pros

Chosen by professionals for its quality and effectiveness, Mas Vida XO sets the standard in the industry.